Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tips for good online tutoring- Find them on authorSTREAM

I have listed the guidelines in form of a presentation; and uploaded it on authorSTREAM. authorSTREAM!!!! Whatz that??

Well my friend asked the same thing to me.

authorSTREAM is popularly being known as the YouTube of PowerPoint presentations. Its an online presentation (.ppt and .pps format) sharing platform where you can upload your presentation with or without audio; and share it with your friends and family. Its totally hassle free!! Just upload your presentation and a unique URL is generated for your presentation. Now all you need to so is share this URL with your friends. There is no need to zip and mail your bulky photos or presentations,OR burn them on CD to share it with your friends. A unique URL is dedicated to your presentation, and anybody (unless it is marked as private by you) can view it innumerable times. You can embed these presentations in your blog (just like I did); rate them and even post a comment on them. And it is all FREE!!

Guidelines for Online Tutors - Understand What Makes a Good E-Tutor

A good tutor must:

  • know the subject matter of the course
  • understand the technology and its limitations
  • use the technology - email, discussion with ease
  • be confident and believe in online learning
  • be confident and sure of their own position
  • be sympathetic to the learner
  • be honest and constructive communicator
  • be able to develop online relationship with individuals/groups
  • be able to design activities and provide support
  • be one-step ahead of the learner - second guessing the learners requirements
  • evaluate progress - assess learners support
  • be patient and have a sense of humor.
  • practice the simple and most basic teaching skills of encouragement, kindness, consideration,
  • and thoughtfulness

Monday, August 6, 2007

Guidelines for Online Tutors- Provide Support and Encouragement

Provide learners with support and encouragement
  • It is important to help learners to set challenging yet achievable goals for the completion and good quality of coursework and to giving encouragement at every stage of the process by demonstrating the confidence in the learner's ability to succeed.
  • It is important to ensure that all the learner is keeping on track with the work load and the teacher should follow up with learners where some action on their part is expected but has not occurred.
  • Tutors should be quick to identify situations where the learner is in difficulty and provide the necessary support, including, were necessary, assistance in revising plans for completing the course.
  • It is always important to give encouraging comments and to recognize the achievements of the learner.

Guidelines for Online Tutors-Maintain Interest

eLearning can be disengaging and the learner can often get the feeling of isolation.
It is the role of the teacher to monitor learner's contributions to all elements of the course and to maintain his/her interest and to generate a feeling of being part of the virtual class.

  1. Initiate activities that will facilitate learning:
    Establish a study program that integrates all components of the course, including, for example, self-study, research, assignments, group activities and tests.
  2. Ensure that the session is flexible enough to cater for differing learning styles.
  3. Respond flexibly and in a timely manner to emergent learner needs by, for example: initiating discussion questions, organizing group activities, setting assignments,supplying, or suggesting additional study materials or other sources of expertise

Friday, August 3, 2007

Guidelines for Online Tutors-Keep a Positive Approach

It is always important for the teacher to have a positive approach to all enquiries from the learner - it is important that all learners, and in particular new learners, have a positive and successful learning experience

Teacher should:

  • always show a positive attitude, commitment and enthusiasm for online learning and champion the online learning experience
  • describe and promote the advantages of online learning
  • know how to create a useful, relevant online learning community
  • Do not over commit yourself - online tutoring will take more time than you think.
  • If you say that you will respond to emails within 24 hours or that you will be available between certain times you are obligated to fulfill these requirements

Guidelines for Online Tutors- Use W.R.I.T.E. for communication

Learn to fill in the blanks that are left when learner is unable to ‘read’ the body language of the teacher to whom he is ‘talking’

Lewis (2000) asserted that it is important that academics master the art of communicating online in both asynchronous and synchronous format and that it is:

“…helpful … (to) engage in … the WRITE way to communicate online.
… that is (W)arm, (R)esponsive, (I)nquisitive, (T)entative, and (E)mpathetic.”

McInnerney and Roberts (2002a) stated that if academics, administrators and students can manage to incorporate Lewis’ concepts into their teaching, when online, then they will increase the ability of all concerned to succeed.

Haight (2002) suggested three ways to reduce student frustration with online learning:

  1. Reassure….students that support is there for them and that any problems they may be having with the technology are common and fixable.
  2. Encourage….students who may be having problems with the material, and offer suggestions that will help their understanding, and
  3. Orient and Facilitate….students by clarifying expectations of behavior and performance while undertaking online study.