Wednesday, April 25, 2007

E Tutoring


The exponential growth of internet technology in recent years, have opened up new accessibility opportunities for education; and has caused seismic shifts in how distance education rather the education itself is perceived, and the way it is delivered and administered. The true potential of e-tutoring as 'anytime, anywhere' has finally started to be realized as the educators today use technology to make equivalent the experiences of all learners no matter when or where they learn. This paper provides a comprehensive coverage of effect that e-tutoring has had in the field of education. It then proceeds to discuss the chances that e-tutoring has to be the next best possible option to face to face tutoring.

Education is being transformed by the many and varied uses of technology, that support student learning. While this impact is being felt across the educational sectors, the demands of high-quality learning and teaching materials to be delivered online have resulted in the creation of a new form of tutoring - that of the e-tutoring.

What is e-tutoring?
E-tutoring can be defined as teaching support, management and assessment of individuals or groups on programs of learning where there is significant use of network technologies such as the World Wide Web, email and conferencing. E-tutoring provides us with useful tools enabling us to deliver an enhanced learning and teaching experience. Increasingly, organizations are adopting online learning as the main delivery method to train employees (Simmons, 2002). At the same time, educational institutions are moving toward the use of the Internet for delivery, both on campus and at a distance.

E-tutoring is similar to, but different in some key respects from, both face-to-face tutoring and traditional distance learning tutoring. This involves the vital difference in terms of involvement of technology, time and distance. These all have implications for tutors. The efforts put in by the tutors in e-tutoring can be quite different to face-to-face teaching both in terms of integrating technology into learning activities, and in managing and supporting students' learning online.


usha said...

well written, shalini! :)

the advantages of e-tutoring as I have experienced it is manifold. I've found this mode of learning the most helpful for someone like me, going to work during the day, and catching up with updating my knowldge base during the evenings.

Advantages: one can pause the streaming audio or video, even logout from the system and get back to the point where they left. It allows them to go through the study material many times.. and make notes / presentations out of it easily.

But having said that, e-tutoring can never replace the traditional way of going to the college to learn. It's a multidimensional learning experience, when you get to meet people, do live projects together, networking..

E-tutoring is the best option for people who cant afford to spend the time/effort required to learn something, the traditional way! n there are a lot of people out there who need it!

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the efforts of people like you, who make it possible! :)

surya said...


nice posting..