Monday, August 6, 2007

Guidelines for Online Tutors-Maintain Interest

eLearning can be disengaging and the learner can often get the feeling of isolation.
It is the role of the teacher to monitor learner's contributions to all elements of the course and to maintain his/her interest and to generate a feeling of being part of the virtual class.

  1. Initiate activities that will facilitate learning:
    Establish a study program that integrates all components of the course, including, for example, self-study, research, assignments, group activities and tests.
  2. Ensure that the session is flexible enough to cater for differing learning styles.
  3. Respond flexibly and in a timely manner to emergent learner needs by, for example: initiating discussion questions, organizing group activities, setting assignments,supplying, or suggesting additional study materials or other sources of expertise

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