Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Guidelines for Online Tutors - Understand What Makes a Good E-Tutor

A good tutor must:

  • know the subject matter of the course
  • understand the technology and its limitations
  • use the technology - email, discussion with ease
  • be confident and believe in online learning
  • be confident and sure of their own position
  • be sympathetic to the learner
  • be honest and constructive communicator
  • be able to develop online relationship with individuals/groups
  • be able to design activities and provide support
  • be one-step ahead of the learner - second guessing the learners requirements
  • evaluate progress - assess learners support
  • be patient and have a sense of humor.
  • practice the simple and most basic teaching skills of encouragement, kindness, consideration,
  • and thoughtfulness

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